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"I have just completed the first 10 days of this 50 days and found it really easy to follow and enjoyable. The recipes are easy to do and really tasty. I have enjoyed the exercises set each day and have stuck to my 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I have just done my measurements after the first 10 days and I have lost 4.5lbs and 6 inches off my body. Really looking forward to the next 10 days and would highly recommend this book 👍" Leanne
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Feel tired & sluggish? 
Want to eat healthy but don't know where to start? 

This 5 -star Amazon book is a step-by-step guide will help you each day for 50 days to {re}energise & {re}fresh your life!

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{re}start coaching 
Health, wellbeing and lifestyle changing.
 {re}start coaching has been designed for people who want to change their lives.
Whatever your reason, whether it be health, wellbeing or lifestyle, we have the knowledge, the skills and tools to help you achieve your goals.
If you are looking to finally accomplish  your life-long goals or if you need coaching with a particular issue in your life then let us {re}start your future!
What is a health coach?
 Health coaches work with you to identify the root of what is holding you back, the things preventing you from getting to the health goal you have been yearning for. They assist in educating and coaching you to help you lead healthier lifestyles.

Here at {re}start we do things a little differently, we offer you a holistic approach. We want to encapsulate all areas of health and wellbeing to ensure you are glowing with happiness during and after your programme.

To help you succeed we incorporate the 3 following areas across our packages:
  • Nutritional advice and supplement recommendations
  • Personal Training - exercise and conditioning
  • Beauty and holistic treatments 

We believe that addressing  these areas will have the desired  impact on your life, giving you tips and techniques to carry on this feeling of health and happiness into the future.
Why do I need a health coach?
  If it was easy to make these changes ourselves, you wouldn't be asking this question. Many of us know what is wrong in our lives and maybe even how to fix it, so why haven't you done so? Well, the mind works in mysterious ways and we all need care, guidance and a helping hand throughout major changes in our life and this is one of them.

The chances are you have tried to make changes by yourself  already and keep going round in circles or facing the same issues time and time again. If this is you, then don't worry or beat yourself up thinking that you can't win. You can, you just need someone to help you focus and take control again.

That's why we are here. We are trained to be able to assist you through the challenges but also show you easy ways to make change so that you are successful in achieving your goals.
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Core Principles



 Find out what it is you truly want from life. Through a variety of techniques we will work with you to focus on the aspects of your life you want to rediscover

We will help you set out a programme with a number of easy to reach goals. Then work with you to make an action plan to make those steps easy and exciting along the way



Let's get on with it! We have identified what your aspirations are and we have designed a plan to achieve them, so now is the time to act! Using your tailor made programme we will support you every step of the way to ensure you are successful in reaching your end goal
 Each week we will review your progress and pinpoint areas that you are excelling in and areas where you may need a little extra support. Ultimately, we will guide you through this journey from start to finish to help you find your happy ending!
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