Feeling fed-up, frumpy and frazzled?
No motivation to do any exercise?
No energy to work out a new diet schedule?

50 days to {re}start your life

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A day by day guide to feeling healthier, fitter and more in control. 

 ​​​Are you fed up of being last on the list? Sometimes it feels like even the family pet come before you. The diet’s gone downhill because you’re spending all your time looking after everyone else, so it’s just easier to reach for the ready meals.
Sound familiar?
And don’t get me started on how to navigate all the “clean eating” advice that’s out there, it’s bamboozling and just makes you feel even guiltier when you reach for the coffee and choccie for a quick energy boost.
Then there’s exercise. You have a plan, pinned to your notice board or fridge and a gym membership that doesn’t get used quite as much as planned. But when do you have the time once you’ve dealt with the kids, your partner, the housework….doesn’t hoovering burn calories?!

   ​​​​​50 Days to {Re}start Your Life will help with all of this!

Inside the book you will get:
  • Delicious recipes for quick, easy meals that will give you energy and glowing skin PLUS they are tried and tested to suit the whole family (perhaps not the dog…) – no need to choose unhealthy options just because they’re easy. Banish the guilt and get nutritious meal and snack recipes that will leave you feeling amazing.
  • Simple exercise routines for you to spend just 20 minutes a day burning calories and toning muscles, giving you a strong, sexy body and a surge in body confidence. The routines even have easy to follow pictures so that you know you’re doing them right.
  • Then there’s advice and tasks so that you take some well-deserved time out for you! Challenges to encourage you to relax, journal or get out in the fresh air. Because if you’re not feeling great inside, there’s no point trying to fix the outside.

My book will teach you to take the time each day
to get closer to feeling healthier, fitter and happier

You don’t need to only do soul crushing diets and hard time in the gym to transform your body.
Simple changes to your lifestyle and some moderate exercise is enough to motivate you back into eating the right foods and moving your body.
The exercise routines are quick and easy enough to fit them around a young family or a job.
The results will affect all corners of your life - your quality of sleep will be better, your mood will improve and you’ll soon find you’ll be confident of your new shape.






If you want to have boosted body confidence, a focused guide for easy, nutritious, healthy meals for all your family and some easy activities to support your mental balance in life – buy this book now!
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“As well as encouraging me to make more time for myself and re-discover old interests, Lillie has even inspired me to take up running - something I never thought I could do in a million years!” – Sarah