Matcha macarons

I have been trying to master the art of the macaron for a long time now until I came across the Italian method and this worked perfectly. Additional to this my neighbour tried Green tea macarons when she was out for afternoon tea and put me up to the challenge!

Here is what I did:

100g Icing sugar
100g Ground almonds
1tsp matcha green tea powder (you can buy this online or from Chinese food shops)
75g egg whites
100g granulated sugar
25ml water
green food colouring (I only added a drop as the matcha makes it green)

100g butter
220g icing sugar
1tbs matcha green tea powder
1 tbsp. milk

1. Draw your circles on parchment paper, this is how big you want them to be, I would say roughly 1 1/2 inches each then use these to line your baking sheets
2. Mix the icing sugar, ground almonds and matcha powder together then sieve. You will find some stuff wont go through the sieve, that's ok just try and get as much as possible
3. Add half of the egg whites and mix until it forms a paste - Put to the side!
4. In a pan combine the granulated sugar and water and put on high heat until it reaches 225F (107C)
5. When that is close to hitting the temperature, whisk the remaining egg whites until they form soft peaks
6. Pour the hot syrup into the egg whites and continue to mix until soft, glossy peaks form
7. Add half of the syrup mixture to your matcha paste until combined - then add the other half and mix
8. Add the desired amount of colouring (remember the colour lightens a little when cooked)
9. The mixture should flow like a ribbon off your spatula
10. Fill a piping bag with the mixture and cut off the very top to give a nice steady flow ready for piping
11. Using the template pipe the mixture on, leaving a little room for it to spread
12. Tap the baking sheet gently a few times on the work surface to remove any air bubbles
13. Leave for 30 mins to form a crust
14. Bake for 10-12 mins in a pre heated oven (150C)
15. Take out and transfer to cooling rack - be gentle they are delicate
16. Make the buttercream - beat butter until soft, add icing sugar and match powder and beat together - add milk to get the consistency right
17. Pipe the buttercream onto one macaron and sandwich together
18. Eat as many as you can at one time :)

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