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Here is what our clients have told us so far....

'Lillie is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very approachable.  She listened to my needs and designed a programme which suited my very busy life!!  She also adapted my programme in areas where I wasn’t comfortable doing the particular exercise, so you never miss out on the amount you need to do.  Her nutrition advice is excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, regardless of how big or small a change you want to make to your nutrition and training, Lillie will produce the right formula."

-Maria Doyle, Bramhall

 "I am delighted to recommend Lillie and her Company 'Restart Coaching' having just finished a seven week plan with great success.
The difference between Lillie's methods and others' is that she takes a holistic approach; not just considering diet, but also looking at lifestyle, fitness, overall well being and pampering. She tailored my plan making it very personal to me by taking into account my daily routine, food likes and dislikes, the kitchen equipment I possessed and my health problems. 

 I enjoy receiving my weekly food planner, recipes and shopping list from Lillie.  I've rediscovered the pleasure of cooking and no longer rely on ready meals as I used to. I feel much healthier, have dropped a dress size and have received several compliments that I am looking really well.

 The exercises Lillie has devised for me have been great. I was a little worried that Id struggle but although they've challenged me, it's been a gradual progression week by week so that I've been able to build up my stamina. The best thing for me is that I can now run again! It probably seems a strange thing for a lot of people who take this for granted, however previously I struggled to WALK on some days and my muscles were all very stiff.  The exercises combined with reflexology sessions have helped me greatly and I intend to continue with the reflexology (and the exercises of course).

 Lillie is very friendly, approachable, supportive and knowledgeable. I trust her and enjoy our weekly catch-up sessions.  We've had some great chats; her questions have challenged me to consider things from a different perspective and her encouragement has helped me to feel better about myself.
I now feel ready to 'go it alone' , confident that Lillie has provided me with the 'tools' to help me continue with my new, healthy lifestyle. I know that if I do encounter any setbacks she's only a phone call away and that I can always have a one-off 're-fresh' session to get me back on track."

 - Megan Bowyer, Winsford

I was so incredibly impressed by Lillie from our very first meeting. She was well-prepared with insightful questions, keen to find out more about me and to tailor what she could offer to suit my precise needs and demanding lifestyle. She was friendly, professional and non-judgemental - focussed only only the positives and how she could help to bring out my best self. 

Over the time we have worked together, what has really set re start coaching apart is Lillie's personal touch -  it is clear that she cares deeply about her clients, and she has worked hard to devise a nutritional plan and an exercise routine that will not only be effective but also enjoyable for me. Her regular catch-up sessions have been fun and thought-provoking and have really helped to keep up my motivation levels and see the wider context. As well as encouraging me to make more time for myself and re-discover old interests, she has even inspired me to take up running - something I never thought I could do in a million years!

By the end of seven weeks working with Lillie, I have achieved all of my initial goals and feel energetic and well-equipped to go it alone (albeit reluctantly, as working with Lillie is so fantastic!). 

 - Sarah Bowyer, London

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